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TED TALKS: Ravin Agrawal: 10 young Indian artists to watch


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Ted Talks: Paola Antonelli Design & the elastic mind

One of the great Ted Talks of 2007, Paola Antonelli explains how designers contribute to new ideas, new products and expand the mind of the consumers, love it to bits!

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Ted talks 2 inspire fala bem!

Señorita Janine Benyus: gives an insight in 12 sustainable design ideas from nature, talks about mimicking the nature in a sustainable futuristic way, it’s very inspiring and I totally recommend it.

A recap of the 12 points:
1.self-assembly (pearl, computers without carcinogens, lenses from seawater)
2.CO2 as feedstock transformation
4.power of shape (fins, color without pigments, clean without detergents)
5.quenching thirst (water from air)
6.metals without mineral chemistry (spider web)
8.timed degradation (mussel shell)
9.resilience and healing (vaccines)
10.sensing responding (locust won’t collide)
11.growing fertility creates condition conducive to life