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Crankin’ up the passion.

An artist without passion, is like a garden without flowers (the last bit it’s a bad translation from a Portuguese saying) I do feel passion for what I do, otherwise I wouldn’t do it, can’t be asked, but I want to believe in this, and other things I dare not post here (there are bots lurking around, trust me).

I have the skills to pay the bills, but in the meanwhile in the UK if you haven’t been bum rapped by an design/advertising agency for at least one year that’s a no go, and that shit scares me… freelancing is an option but you can’t compete with the agencies, but I digress…

The passion for Aesthetics, Art, Design, Graphics and Animation are my reasons to be where I am; and I have sacrificed lots of things to be where I am, but that’s called life, I understand it now, that’s the point of no return which justifies my actions and some of my mistakes, last time I checked it’s kind of being in love with what you do, that’s raw passion.

love is a kind of art. or is it the other way around?…