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“Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.” It’s one of the most inspirational quotes for me.

I make large prints to order, send me an email if you would like to buy an illustration in high quality, various formats to choose from.


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Red Fox Digital Painting

Red Fox

From a Site I’ve discovered earlier Project Noah, I have took an image as reference for my newest digital painting the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) I know it takes resemblance to the well known browser logo Firefox.

If you are a nature enthusiast like me I recommend you to register on the site and look for specimens, they got it covered, well mostly.


Oh and thanks Bayucca for the inspiration for this digital painting.


Night is zen

This Blog has hit the 10.000 views and you can quote me happy, even though I seldom update it, because I’m in a busy place right now , but keep it locked on here I promise very interesting stuff is on it’s way here,

Image: “Night is zen” by etyk (vue, photoshop)

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Boudoir collection by Sandra Guerreiro

The Boudoir collection is presented by one of the finest designers in vintage woman’s accessories at the moment, Sandra Guerreiro based in Portugal, creates astonishing pieces of handcraft that go either with sofisticated chic or vintage trendy, have a look…

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Bolton is growing…


This an illustration or rather the digital image manipulation to ilustrate one article on the new Bolton University building, the Chancellors Building has a trendy union bar with a huge plasma, snooker, drinks, and houses the 365 Eagle room, the social learning zone and the new library entrance, nice!

Used some 3D on the letters (maya) the elephant was in Zbrush and the photograph I took it on a sunny day actually one of the last sunny days in Bolton this year, to give a surreal vibe on the whole thing. 😉

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Obama wins!


He did it!…no, you did it!

Thank you America for making history, and the good kind of history, the World thanks you.

I’m just glad he won!

What will be the first order of business I wonder…