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Euro 2008 Fantasy football

Thanks to JoaoBeca WebDesign this site has a brand new face and it’s a good way to keep us entertained during this EURO with a fantasy football game where you choose the players participating in this tournament.

Click on Ideal team register now for free and if your chosen eleven is sucessfull you could win prizes!

$50 for the winner

On this game participants have to assemble a team from players selected
to participate on the Euro 2008. The scored points will be based on the
players' performance or their real contribution on the field given by
the Sun newspaper on each game. To build up a team participants can
only select a maximum of two players per team and will have option to
play in 4-4-2 or 4-3-3. To participate a membership is required and it
only allows one team per member. If any member requests more then one
team a fee of £5/extra team is applicable. You will have the
flexibility to decide which players you want from the day they are
available, up to 48 hours before the first game kick of. If for any
reason you want to change any player on the following 48 hours contact
us and a fee of £1/player is applicable.