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TED TALKS Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero!

Bill Gates talks about his wish that should be shared by humanity by now, great talk!


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Do The Green Thing

I stumbled today in this article that was featured in the Computer arts of this month as a tutorial and man, that video on the site is soo cool.


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By golly, Gore is right!

I was petrified when I read the April’s issue of National Geographic, this particular graphic caught my attention and it deserves the amber code, why aren’t people tackling with real intent this issue?  let me tell you that corporate greed will only be our doom if we let them, this may be difficult at first but I feel like if we had paying more attention to the signals (and I don’t mean the news, because most of the headlines are corrupted nowadays, they are just feeding you bull after bull)  a lot of it didn’t had to happen, we now are aware that climate change isn’t a hoax, it’s outside, visible and if we don’t make the sensible thing it will only get worse.

we have the technology to power any engine with clean sustainable energy, why are we so lethargic to invest in clean technologies, it’s the oil companies that have interest in sucking the life out this planet and keeping us hooked on Oil.

For me it’s not about reducing the carbon footprint, of course it would help a lot if we acted as one on this(yeah right), it’s striping the oil companies from their power to control our lives.