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Blind Town #1

Here it is, after a long journey between photo shoots, scripting and designing all the stuff to try to make it work within a graphic novel context, I present to you Blind Town, a story about a psychopath called Seth Silver (I Know) who’s in for the kill, I sincerely hope you like it.

yep it contains gore.

You can only get it here on




Blind town a graphic novel by me


I know sometimes I just can’t hold myself back, so here’s a sneak peak at my graphic novel cover which today will be the last photosession and already capped at 40 for being late I don’t really care, I just want it to have the quality which I expect from a graphic novel.
This graphic fiction was conceived by me and my good friend Rob Pires who’s a writer and he helped me a lot during the making of this project, also a big shout out to Bez and Tyrone for all the help.

“Tonight I’m taking out the trash.”