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Agile Keyboard

Agile Keyboard

Well in a long time I didn’t post anything, I’ve been busy with a new job at WorldIT as an IT consultant, and with so little time to update this space, A co-worker who’s an android developer pointed me to this lil’ app on the google play market, that he did, it’s a keyboard – wait for it, and it’s smart, with great usability comes also an extensive dictionary algorithm, it builds the dictionary based upon your language and most common terms that you use everyday, it’s got support to stubby fingers too, loads of customisation features, and it’s crazy fast, I garantee you’ll be writing sms’s faster than you ever did. It’s bye-bye android native keyboard 🙂

Check Agile Keyboard on google play, it’s got a free version too so you can try before you buy, for a limited time.




The R/vista brief

Here is a 3D model for a Baby gargoyle that I made using zbrush, it’s still on it’s early stages (no pun intended) but it’s coming along very nicely and gives me an opportunity to pick up where I left off zbrush, couple years ago, this software is an artist’s dream, no wonder most if not all the high-end gaming pipeline, relies on this package, like Dragon Age.

Would be nice to get some comments, what you think?

Update: And the finished piece was published on the number 1 of an online creative magazine named R/VISTA which I was honoured to participate.

Illustration: Claudio Silva (me)

Photography: Gerardo Santos

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Mac OSX Upgrade to Snow Leopard

Found this article in Wired which explains how to upgrade your OS X if you’re using a Mac it’s well worth it and the new operating system has a big boost in performance, it even explains how to upgrade from OS X 10.4 (tiger) to snow leopard.

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It’s finally here! ZBrush 3 for Mac

This brilliant and intuitive app is the quickest way to work on your 3D models.

The long awaited version 3 of Zbrush for Mac OS is released today, I know because I’ve been trying to learn working with zbrush 2 watching tutorials from version 3, now let the real 3D boom commence!

If you like those edgy-action-packed 3D movies/games and ever wondered how they do it, you might want to visit the Pixologic site for starters and see for yourself the quality and ease of making next gen 3D.

Zbrush DEMO