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“Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.” It’s one of the most inspirational quotes for me.

I make large prints to order, send me an email if you would like to buy an illustration in high quality, various formats to choose from.


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news from #occupy

Well I have written a response to fellow blogger Yotam Marom to his article about occupy wall st. a couple days ago thanking him and all the 99% that are protesting against the 1% that sucks this planet bone dry, here’s what he replied:

Sorry for the delayed response. Things are crazy down here, as you can imagine.

Thanks for your kind words about my piece. I appreciate it.
I just published another yesterday, if you’re curious:

Thanks again. Means a lot. Stay strong in your struggles in Lisbon.

for more information on this movement and what they have accomplished so far visit the link ^.

Keep strong.

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What’s wrong with Portugal

Taken from a fellow blogger, Luis Pedro Coelho, it’s a great and sharp analysis to the state of a nation, my nation, Portugal, I have never been that much inclined to post anything of a political nature in my blog just a mild rant here or there, until now… the way he addresses the social economical problems Portugal faces is note-worthy for all you people out there, and it’s all I ever felt, but never had the follow through or the articulacy to express my malcontent towards a beautiful country governed by petty thieves, but hey, it’s here now.


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Obama wins!


He did it!…no, you did it!

Thank you America for making history, and the good kind of history, the World thanks you.

I’m just glad he won!

What will be the first order of business I wonder…