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“Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.” It’s one of the most inspirational quotes for me.

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news from #occupy

Well I have written a response to fellow blogger Yotam Marom to his article about occupy wall st. a couple days ago thanking him and all the 99% that are protesting against the 1% that sucks this planet bone dry, here’s what he replied:

Sorry for the delayed response. Things are crazy down here, as you can imagine.

Thanks for your kind words about my piece. I appreciate it.
I just published another yesterday, if you’re curious:

Thanks again. Means a lot. Stay strong in your struggles in Lisbon.

for more information on this movement and what they have accomplished so far visit the link ^.

Keep strong.

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What’s wrong with Portugal

Taken from a fellow blogger, Luis Pedro Coelho, it’s a great and sharp analysis to the state of a nation, my nation, Portugal, I have never been that much inclined to post anything of a political nature in my blog just a mild rant here or there, until now… the way he addresses the social economical problems Portugal faces is note-worthy for all you people out there, and it’s all I ever felt, but never had the follow through or the articulacy to express my malcontent towards a beautiful country governed by petty thieves, but hey, it’s here now.