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Space Tailor – Akira VR

Designer store Akira is in the heart of downtown Lisbon, famous for it’s name as well as it’s collections Space Tailor has payed them a visit and look what he did.

Click on the image below for a full VR (virtual reality experience)



Fashion Illustration

An attempt to recreate an noveau art deco fashion illustration. what you think?

Model: Leya

Photography: Joao Paulo
Retouch: etyk


Night is zen

This Blog has hit the 10.000 views and you can quote me happy, even though I seldom update it, because I’m in a busy place right now , but keep it locked on here I promise very interesting stuff is on it’s way here,

Image: “Night is zen” by etyk (vue, photoshop)



Digital Signature I did for an events company that is promoting the Vodka fashion, “The Elixir of fashion” as they call it, which is touring around the globe letting non-catwalkers having a taste of this elixir and feeling like Kate Moss 🙂