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Shark Week

To kick start shark week I made this illustration of a great white shark, hope you like it, if you have any illustrations that you would like me to do post a comment and I’ll get to it asap. Have a good week.


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Hoscar Awards 2012

Attended by over 300 hostel owners, managers and staff from all over the world, the annual Hoscars is the biggest trade event on the budget travel calendar. Being held in Dublin’s new state of the art Convention Centre on the River Liffey, the awards honour the top hostels in the world, as voted for by customers. These are based on reviews that users leave after staying in a hostel, rating hostels on Character, Security, Location, Staff, Fun and Cleanliness. Other awards are given out in categories such as ‘Best New Hostel’ and ‘Best Staff’.

This year’s conference, which is extra special since it’s the 10th anniversary, will be preceded by a conference which will also take place in the Convention Centre. The event will feature keynote speakers, giving talks on new trends and developments in the budget travel sector.

…And this year’s winners …

Visit the official page to see the results Hoscars 2012.

I would like to give a shout to Lisbon Living Hostel and Living Lounge, both by their effort in maintaing a high standard quality service on a budget.

Click here to take the Lisbon Living Hostel Virtual Tour

Click here to go to the Living Lounge Virtual Tour

By Space Tailor

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Space Tailor – Akira VR

Designer store Akira is in the heart of downtown Lisbon, famous for it’s name as well as it’s collections Space Tailor has payed them a visit and look what he did.

Click on the image below for a full VR (virtual reality experience)


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news from #occupy

Well I have written a response to fellow blogger Yotam Marom to his article about occupy wall st. a couple days ago thanking him and all the 99% that are protesting against the 1% that sucks this planet bone dry, here’s what he replied:

Sorry for the delayed response. Things are crazy down here, as you can imagine.

Thanks for your kind words about my piece. I appreciate it.
I just published another yesterday, if you’re curious:

Thanks again. Means a lot. Stay strong in your struggles in Lisbon.

for more information on this movement and what they have accomplished so far visit the link ^.

Keep strong.

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The House Hot Maid Site

I was commissioned to design the site for a pioneering project in Portugal, the house hot maid is an exciting new way to have your house cleaned by a trained person in lingerie while you rest and enjoy the views. Currently available in Portugal only.

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Full Body Games


Full Body Games at Gamer’s Night Groove from Feedtank on Vimeo.

I was checking out when I stumbled on this project which instantly captured my attention, looks like fun doesn’t it?

Highly recommend their site.