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Eagle Owl (100th POST!)



“Douro” digital Painting

 This is another one of my digital paintings, this time I used one of the most amazing photos of Matty Brown as a reference and to push the envelope a little more this time . The picture itself is in Porto (Portugal’s second main city) famous for it’s wine and local food, I have an aunt that lives a block from this very POV, Anyway it’s a beautiful city and I recomend it to anyone.


Cheers Matty

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Red Fox Digital Painting

Red Fox

From a Site I’ve discovered earlier Project Noah, I have took an image as reference for my newest digital painting the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) I know it takes resemblance to the well known browser logo Firefox.

If you are a nature enthusiast like me I recommend you to register on the site and look for specimens, they got it covered, well mostly.


Oh and thanks Bayucca for the inspiration for this digital painting.