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Skyrim Landscape digital painting

From postcards from skyrim I took an epic skyrim landscape and turned into a digital painting, click on it to see those gorgeous details.

Suffice to say, I used to be an artist like you then I took an nr 2 pencil in the knee.

I Love the game and I play a wood elf jack of all trades type of character, the way that I see it: if I am the dragonborn then all powers are to be mine all the skills, everything, no holding back, but surely I will start a new one once I end the main quests and try a different character approach it’s been a great experience and I just wanted to give something back to the community.

I make large prints to order and these ones are on the house.  Feel free to download 🙂


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Space Tailor – Akira VR

Designer store Akira is in the heart of downtown Lisbon, famous for it’s name as well as it’s collections Space Tailor has payed them a visit and look what he did.

Click on the image below for a full VR (virtual reality experience)