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The R/vista brief


Here is a 3D model for a Baby gargoyle that I made using zbrush, it’s still on it’s early stages (no pun intended) but it’s coming along very nicely and gives me an opportunity to pick up where I left off zbrush, couple years ago, this software is an artist’s dream, no wonder most if not all the high-end gaming pipeline, relies on this package, like Dragon Age.

Would be nice to get some comments, what you think?

Update: And the finished piece was published on the number 1 of an online creative magazine named R/VISTA which I was honoured to participate.

Illustration: Claudio Silva (me)

Photography: Gerardo Santos


Author: etyk

Illustrator & Animator working freelancer doing what I love and living in Lisbon on my hometown, after spending 5 years in Manchester, it's time to start another adventure ;)

2 thoughts on “The R/vista brief

  1. You crazy meta-ball XD

    Nice job, mate!

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