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Happy 2011 everyone The Mafia Party is gonna be awesome : )




Happy 2011 EVERYONE, Make peace and love. : )




The R/vista brief

Here is a 3D model for a Baby gargoyle that I made using zbrush, it’s still on it’s early stages (no pun intended) but it’s coming along very nicely and gives me an opportunity to pick up where I left off zbrush, couple years ago, this software is an artist’s dream, no wonder most if not all the high-end gaming pipeline, relies on this package, like Dragon Age.

Would be nice to get some comments, what you think?

Update: And the finished piece was published on the number 1 of an online creative magazine named R/VISTA which I was honoured to participate.

Illustration: Claudio Silva (me)

Photography: Gerardo Santos

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Sitcom Soldiers

Their new showcase for 2010  is out, highly recommended for you video enthusiasts out there, from their recent collaborations to their old stuff, this right here, is gold.

Best of luck to you mates on your upcoming projects, can’t wait to see what’s next…