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My good friend David Santos opened an online boutique with the latest trends in designer clothing, grab an apparel bargain today.


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World Cup 2010 fantasy football

As usual I’m taking my time to work on some projects, speaking of which, the new world cup is almost here and my good friend John “the Bravo” made another fantasy football website I suggest you check it out, play and enjoy this great game.

have fun! 🙂

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Limpar Portugal an environmental community service.

This volunteering service is one of the great non-pretentious non-preaching objectives, and let’s be honest for a moment here: we all know by now the “problem” we have in our hands so let’s just face it- roll up our sleeves and try to do our bit, while in Portugal we have a natural well being apart from that oil tanker incident that even wasn’t our fault, yes- Spain I’m pointing my finger at you, we always have been environmentally fairly educated and this initiative is truly important because we will concentrate volunteering groups in each big or minor cities and clean up some forests throughout Portugal, which will surely make the difference because in Portugal we suffer from hot summer wildfires and we are trying to reduce that number dramatically, oh and the message it’s good as well 😉

So if you live in Portugal join us and help us clean and maintain European forests.