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Religion in the UK

An interesting take on religion in Britain

thanks 4 the heads up Rob


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A merry Xmas to y’all!

xmas bushOh yes! The jolly season, I’m not going home this year instead I’m going to stay in Bolton, working on projects, look for a job, get some chips, I know for everyone that spends the xmas away from your family can be hard but can be a time to keep the focus on some other important things…Ah santa, next year don’t be such a douche! 😛

Merry Xmas everyone!

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Jules the Humanoid Robot -video

Courtesy of Winoki

This is a very life-like humanoid called Jules.  Humanoids are any being whose body structure resembles that of a human.  In the case of Jules, because he is a robot – that would place him in the ‘android’ category.

watch it



Online Game review: Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars

The game Tribal Wars or in my version Tribos is a great online fun experience with your friends, building, trading and skirmishes to conquer your enemies from your browser type of game, real time strategy persistent world, you establish a base camp it starts of with some supplies (wood, clay, iron) and you buy stuff trade stuff. So far I haven’t engaged in battles with anyone. Graphics are okay but this type of game usually tends to be a little static in animations and it is, the visual aspect of it is still a bit crude, but I’m sure they will work on that in the future because the potential for this game is huge! Good fun *****

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