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Bolton is growing…

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This an illustration or rather the digital image manipulation to ilustrate one article on the new Bolton University building, the Chancellors Building has a trendy union bar with a huge plasma, snooker, drinks, and houses the 365 Eagle room, the social learning zone and the new library entrance, nice!

Used some 3D on the letters (maya) the elephant was in Zbrush and the photograph I took it on a sunny day actually one of the last sunny days in Bolton this year, to give a surreal vibe on the whole thing. 😉


Author: etyk

Illustrator & Animator working freelancer doing what I love and living in Lisbon on my hometown, after spending 5 years in Manchester, it's time to start another adventure ;)

One thought on “Bolton is growing…

  1. great work.. 🙂 i can’t say enough words.. absolutely great. .:)

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