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Recurring dream

In an attempt to promote my illutration skills in contact talent magazine I started to make this piece which is very personal and it portrays one of my weird dreams.

❤ Zorba

Thanks to Mat for his assistance in taking the photo of me.


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Bolton is growing…


This an illustration or rather the digital image manipulation to ilustrate one article on the new Bolton University building, the Chancellors Building has a trendy union bar with a huge plasma, snooker, drinks, and houses the 365 Eagle room, the social learning zone and the new library entrance, nice!

Used some 3D on the letters (maya) the elephant was in Zbrush and the photograph I took it on a sunny day actually one of the last sunny days in Bolton this year, to give a surreal vibe on the whole thing. 😉


My piece of Universe


Grab your Universe wallpaper here, Mac or Windows.

it’s infinite so it will fit any screen, any resolution.

Tile it for seamless view.

Anyone can use it or redistribute it.

It’s free 😉

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2012 It’s the end of the world as we know it.

According to many profecies (maya, bible, etc., even science) the world will end in 2012.

vote !

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Obama wins!


He did it!…no, you did it!

Thank you America for making history, and the good kind of history, the World thanks you.

I’m just glad he won!

What will be the first order of business I wonder…