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Bleach 189 -End of Amagai

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(spoiler alert!)

The mini vendetta story of Amagai turned out to be another filler in the main plot of Bleach, after the fight with Ichigo which the hero of bleach the underdog ichigo kicked major ass, the soul society is well yet again, when a can of whop-ass and a bit of lip from the the boss pride you to commit suicide aka hara-kiri or in this case self immolation, revenge is a dish best served cold! What you were thinkin son?


“I gots to burn!”

Bleach is one of my favorite Anime’s or Manga, either by the level of craft but also the plot is very compelling and entertaining, (of course there are always fillers) I watch it sometimes because every now and then see that every frame of this animated series is one hell of job, I assume they have a great team with sheer quality skills to put such cool story with amazing level of animation.

Big shout to Dattebayo fansubs for their good job on the subs, as always.


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