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It’s finally here! ZBrush 3 for Mac

This brilliant and intuitive app is the quickest way to work on your 3D models.

The long awaited version 3 of Zbrush for Mac OS is released today, I know because I’ve been trying to learn working with zbrush 2 watching tutorials from version 3, now let the real 3D boom commence!

If you like those edgy-action-packed 3D movies/games and ever wondered how they do it, you might want to visit the Pixologic site for starters and see for yourself the quality and ease of making next gen 3D.

Zbrush DEMO



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Ted talks 2 inspire fala bem!

Señorita Janine Benyus: gives an insight in 12 sustainable design ideas from nature, talks about mimicking the nature in a sustainable futuristic way, it’s very inspiring and I totally recommend it.

A recap of the 12 points:
1.self-assembly (pearl, computers without carcinogens, lenses from seawater)
2.CO2 as feedstock transformation
4.power of shape (fins, color without pigments, clean without detergents)
5.quenching thirst (water from air)
6.metals without mineral chemistry (spider web)
8.timed degradation (mussel shell)
9.resilience and healing (vaccines)
10.sensing responding (locust won’t collide)
11.growing fertility creates condition conducive to life

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Design rules?

This is taken from a Computer Arts interview with David Carson (

CA:Do you think contemporary designers depend too heavily on the abilities of their software packages?

DC: Absolutely. I work in basically one program, Quark. It’s not about having and knowing all the latest gimmicks and photo tricks. Good design comes from the most basic decisions – cropping, font choice, the overall design. If you haven’t got the eye, no program will give it to you.

It’s partly why we see so many solid, well-designed magazines today, but almost none that stand out. Designers get lazy and let whoever made their software make decisions for them. Your computer shouldn’t tell you the proper distance between columns of type – you need to be making those decisions. Get that title, subtitle and byline out of the same box!

yeah although this guy is highly respectable, I’m laughing out loud just thinking about those rookies trying to align text without the latest software packages, that’s part of tech evolution making technology more accessible, more easy to use, of course we (designers, pro’s and rookies) shouldn’t be a puppet to our tools, we should help innovate the tools themselves… this is turning into like the argument of old school vs new school.

I’m not a hater, I just don’t like hypocritical arguments, nuff said!

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Crankin’ up the passion.

An artist without passion, is like a garden without flowers (the last bit it’s a bad translation from a Portuguese saying) I do feel passion for what I do, otherwise I wouldn’t do it, can’t be asked, but I want to believe in this, and other things I dare not post here (there are bots lurking around, trust me).

I have the skills to pay the bills, but in the meanwhile in the UK if you haven’t been bum rapped by an design/advertising agency for at least one year that’s a no go, and that shit scares me… freelancing is an option but you can’t compete with the agencies, but I digress…

The passion for Aesthetics, Art, Design, Graphics and Animation are my reasons to be where I am; and I have sacrificed lots of things to be where I am, but that’s called life, I understand it now, that’s the point of no return which justifies my actions and some of my mistakes, last time I checked it’s kind of being in love with what you do, that’s raw passion.

love is a kind of art. or is it the other way around?…

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Stephen Colbert’s Truthiness

I really like this show and I would like to take my hat to Stephen Colbert for coining the word “truthiness”. I’ll let you see for yourself, the man …
Stephen Colbert's the word – "truthiness"

I kinda feel like that inside…
…every nation should have it’s own Colbert.

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Request: “MIR”

I did this avatar for a friend who’s a beat producer (mainly hip-hop) and does loads of other cool stuff… check out his myspace page by clicking on the image.

dude it’s always a pleasure. 😉

(Photoshop, Maya)