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From script 2 screen 08 MWP Degree Show 29May

This is a Degree Show showcasing the freshest talent in the North West of England so they say, I’m looking forward to this event to check my buddy Rob Pires in action.

Check out their site!!



I’m off…

Well, finished my projects for the Uni and I’m waiting for my marks, I reckon I did good this semester but the tutors may think otherwise, all I am saying is that I’m done for now! and waiting to go to Portugal on my holidays meet my family which I don’t see since 15th January, boy it’s been a while, it’s been so long that I have a new baby sister and I don’t even know her yet… yep… that long…

So I’m really looking forward to it and spend some quality time with all of them.

Meanwhile in not so sunny Bolton I’m still flying solo, and these days I just grab my bike and ride so I don’t think too much on the things to come. It might take some time before I update some graphics on here because yours truly needs to chill =D

but stay tuned…

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T-shirt design parade “I’m too sexy for this shirt”

Here’s the idea if you want to be creative: put celebs on t-shirts, do it pop do it comic do anything that will please you. Take a bite out of someone or give props, it’s up to you, what say you?

Comment and post your own designs the coolest one gets respect, nothing more nothing less.

but if you don’t have a blog here you can’t do comments aarrrgh.