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Dora’s Party

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Today is Dora’s party wooohooo! her birthday was on the 9th, but only today we’ll get together, it’s bound to happen some good photos I know it’s a creative collective party from the 4 corners of the world that gathers artists, musicians, performers…need I say more, I’m going…

yes keeping posted. (^;~)


Update: WoW! What a blast that party was, the venue was so big, and the sound quality was good and free, with nice appetizers, beautiful and interesting people yeah you gotta have those and last but not least Famous Grouse, the music ranged from live performances everything as spontaneous as you can imagine if you were not there, where the hell were you!?

it happened in Salford’s

check out my selection of the photos by photographer Amilcar Abreu, thanks.

Brilliant party thanks to the lovely hostess Dora.


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Illustrator & Animator working freelancer doing what I love and living in Lisbon on my hometown, after spending 5 years in Manchester, it's time to start another adventure ;)

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